My SEO Approach

As an SEO specialist dedicated to enhancing your digital footprint, I approach the ever-evolving landscape of search engine optimization with a critical eye and a commitment to empirical evidence.

While Google’s official stance suggests that the pinnacle of SEO strategy is the creation of unparalleled content, ensuring organic growth and visibility, my experience tells a more nuanced story.

It’s essential to recognize that while producing high-quality content is a cornerstone of effective SEO, it’s only one piece of the puzzle.

The reality of achieving and maintaining top search engine rankings in a competitive digital environment requires a more sophisticated strategy.

My methodology is rigorously data-driven. I rely on comprehensive analytics and real-world performance data to inform every recommendation and decision.

Some of these data sources are:


1. Reverse Engineering Competitors

Reverse engineer competitors

By reverse engineering top ranking competitors, we learn:

This data can give interesting insights for your business as a competitor analysis. However, as an SEO, the nitty gritty details are important as well.

For example, to create a succesful linkbuilding strategy, I analyze the anchor type ratio’s of backlinks of competitors in order to come up with the ideal anchor type ratio when building new links. 


2. Market & Niche Data

From various sources, we can get market data for your niche. This data learns us things like:

These data points are used in keyword research but can provide interesting business insights as a standalone as well.


3. Own Data

client data

Your own Google Analytics, Google Search Console and maybe even rank tracker contains a lot of data that can be used to determine which content works best. 

Some learnings from your own data would be:

By combining data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, your rank tracker and optionally other SEO tools, we can evaluate what type of content should be created more in order to get more revenue. 

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