The best SEO results aren’t achieved with only great content.

Google likes to make you think otherwise by saying that you’ll get natural links when you create the best content. But reality shows something different.

Your website might be technical great and have the best content, when nobody finds it, you will not get links to your site out of the blue.

Links are like fuel on a fire.

without fire (your website and content), the fuel is worthless.

But throw the fuel on a fire and you’ll see that it will not take long before you get results.

There are different ways on how to do linkbuilding like:

  • Paying for Guest Posts
  • Exchange links with other website owners
  • Cold outreach to website owners
  • Reaching out to Clients/Suppliers
  • Website directory submissions
  • Create “startpagina’s”
  • Create Web2.0 properties
  • Pure spam links (with ie GSA)
  • PBN’s
  • Redirect expired domains
  • HARO
  • Buying links from hacked websites
  • Niche Edits
  • Press Release Distribution

Some of these methods are ethically better than the other. Also the risks differ between those methods.

But what is the best way to build links?

Every linkbuilding specialist will agree with me that this depends on the niche you’re in.

Only buying guest posts are not going to make you rank in the casino niche. But outreach to suppliers for your e-commerce shop might give you great results.

My approach

Step 1: Audit

I analyze your current link profile and the link profile of your competitors.

Step 2: Make a plan

Based on the audit, we know exactly which type of links we have to build, with which anchor text and which metrics the websites need to have.

Step 3: Execution

Every month, the required links get built. By buying links monthly, we have a more natural approach than buying over 100 new links at once.

Step 4: Reporting

Every month, you get a list of the links that have been built. Next to that, we’ll evaluate every year and look at what we have achieved, take an in-depth look at rakings and so on.

Tools I use

There are several tools that could be used for linkbuilding. But Ahrefs is in my opinion still by far the best choice for linkbuilding. Ahrefs has the biggest link database of all the tools I’ve tested.