Case Study: 0 – $1.3k+ Affiliate Commissions in 10 months

How I started a new niche site at the beginning of the pandemic and grow it to $1.3k in affiliate commissions in just 10 months

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In 2020, at the start of the pandemic, I started a new niche website targeting the Netherlands. Just like all my other affiliate projects, traffic was generated through organic search.

While I had limited amount of time for this project because I was still doing client work and had other projects, I managed to grow this site from 0 to $1.3k in affiliate commissions in 10 months.

Reports on this project also have been published on

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My approach for this project

At the beginning of the pandemic I had some extra time on my hands so I decided to create a new niche site.

I probably ended up working about 80 hours on this site during 2 weeks. In those 2 weeks, I did everything from competitor research and keyword research to setting up the site, writing content and publishing as well as creating a lead magnet to capture email addresses.

After those two weeks I would spend sometimes a few hours on the site but nothing crazy.

The domain name is a partial match domain for the most important keyword and that definitely helped.

Next to nothing has been done and even though the email list has grown to over 1.400 subscribers by now, that list isn’t being used neither.

But because I spent 2 weeks creating high quality content around a specific niche, I got some topical authority in the niche. After 10 months from the start, this project had it’s record month of over $1.2k in affiliate comissions.

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