Hi, I'm Chesney.

I'm a digital marketer specialized in SEO.

I offer consultancy services to businesses in competitive niches. I have several years of experience working in-house, as a freelancer and on my own portfolio of 10+ affiliate marketing websites.

As an online marketer, I specialize in SEO.

Chesney Vanroy

You might know me from:

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My most recent articles

I don't have case studies from in-house work or my freelance client work. But I do have this and this case study from 2 (of 10+) affiliate projects.

How I started a new niche site at the beginning of the pandemic and grow it to $1.3k in affiliate commissions in just 10 months

How I grew a side-hustle project from $0 to $4k+/month in profit with a recent valuation of over $70k

I had a talk with Jeroen Stikkelorum from the SEOBenelux community about my digital nomad lifestyle and affiliate SEO.

Why I live in Chiang Mai and how it affects my SEO knowledge.

Some of the companies I've worked for/with:

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Learn more about my affiliate business?

I write about my affiliate business on OnlineHustleIncome.com, feel free to visit the website and follow along in my journey.

Learn more about my life as a digital nomad?

I regularly publish blog posts about my digital nomad life at DigitalNomaddict. Feel free to visit the website and leave a comment.

About Me.

I'moriginally from Belgium. I do online marketing work for clients and on my own online projects like Love4Fitness. I'm specialized in growing websites through SEO.

For my professional working history, I'd like to refer you to my LinkedIn profile

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